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I'd love to help you figure out which course is the right fit for you, at this moment in your life.

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Wahoo! Looks like our brand new Fundamentals course is right up your alley!

This is a very special course - co-taught by Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews, internationally best-selling co-authors of Yoga Anatomy. Fundamentals is a highly refined 20-hour course that was originally created by Leslie & Amy for use in Teacher Training programs. It covers the absolute essentials for a teacher in the areas of anatomy, physiology & kinesiology.

But unlike most beginning anatomy courses, this one is crafted with a yogic lens, interwoven with sutras, philosophy, teaching methodology, and will be deeply personalized to you.

This course has been so popular that we developed a brand-new independent study version that you can take from home, even if you're not part of a training with one of our partner schools.

Want to learn more? Check out details and a full course syllabus here ➝

Hooray! It looks like Principles is a great fit for you.

This was the first course I ever took with Leslie when I lived in NYC. It's what inspired me to switch careers, made me realize I actually love anatomy, and hooked me for life on this type of learning. Principles is Leslie's flagship course - it's the one he taught in his NYC studio for years. And it's his most intensive, thorough, and personalized training.

Now that he's on the road so much to teach internationally, the only way to study with him in this kind of depth is to enroll in the course online and join our close-knit community.

You'll receive the same lessons, personalized attention, and certificate of completion that you'd get by taking the course in person.

And you'll also enjoy the added benefits of lifetime access, flexible timing, and tons of bonus content.

Are you ready for a deep dive? As Leslie says...
"Yoga is not about doing the poses... It's about undoing what's in the way of the poses."
Check out details and a full syllabus here... Learn more about Principles ➝
Oooh la la! Are you ready to move? Because that's what this course is all about...

Let me introduce you to Practices - it's the companion course to Principles.

This course focuses on exploring anatomy through movement.

You will use your own body as a lens through which to explore bones, muscles, range of motion, breath, and much more.

I think we could have easily named this the "Personal Practice" course because it's all about exploring the concepts in your body.

For example, you'll learn a bit about the knee, then be led through a physical practice where you'll be allowed to really explore your knee. After that, you'll hear from other students who have just gone through the same phsyical practice, and remember what a wide range of experiences there are.

After you've done this for 36 classes on all different systems of the body, you will have an entirely new appreciation and subtle understanding of yourself.

The names are slightly misleading because it makes it seem like one course is all theory, and the other is all practice, but that's not quite the case. Principles is just more focused on explaining how things work, and Practices is more focused on exploring those concepts in your body.

Practices also includes some fantastic guest teachers that Leslie brings in to shine light various special topics. Not to be missed!

Check out details and a full syllabus here... Learn more about Practices ➝
Did you know that we have a partner program to support studios running Teacher Training Programs? We do!

We'd love to support you as you're leading the training, and to help build a firm foundation with your students.

How does it work? Fundamentals is an online yoga anatomy course that is specifically designed for beginning yoga teachers.

This unique course was created to plug directly into your 200-hour program, and we’ve worked hard to ensure it’s the best of its kind.

We know what it takes to run a successful yoga teacher training program, and we want to support you in your efforts to give your students the most accessible, memorable, and enjoyable experience possible.

Imagine this... we'll connect with your students online before they come to class, leading them through foundational lessons, encouraging critical thinking, and laying the groundwork. This means that when your group gets together in person, you can spend more time focusing on integration, movement, and application.

We support you with worksheets, lesson plans, ideas for physical explorations, and a Lead Teachers-only section of the site where you can communicate with us directly if you have any questions.

Our unique online trainings are already in use by The American Viniyoga Institute, The Yoga Institute of Australia, and The Africa Yoga Project. To date, we’ve served hundreds of students in 46 countries, with excellent results.

Q: "But wait! I was excited about enrolling in the more in-depth Principles course myself! Now I'm confused!"

A: We've got you covered! We believe in Continuing Education for our Teacher Trainers, too. That's why we include a lifetime membership to Leslie's Principles Course for free as part of your Fundamentals package. Check Out Details & Request a Free Teacher's Evaluation Copy ➝

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