FAQ: Current Online Students Or Grads At In-Person Events

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Online Students at In-Person Workshops

If you want to be notified when Leslie is teaching within a reasonable driving distance of where you live, here's a place to let him know.

Lydia, Leslie's partner who travels with him and assists all his workshops, is wonderful! She keeps a close eye on this list and she'll be the one reaching out when workshops get scheduled in your area.

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Leslie loves meeting his online students in person, and he wants to support you however he can.

Leslie's ability to extend a discount depends on if he's hosting the event, or if he's a guest in someone else's studio.

If Leslie is hosting, he sometimes has the ability to extend special pricing for online students, depending on the location. If discounts are available, they will be announced along with the other event details on his personal website.

When Leslie travels internationally, he is serving as a guest in someone else's studio, in which case he doesn't set pricing or have the ability to offer discounts. Sometimes there are scholarship opportunities offered directly by the hosting studio, and anyone is welcome to apply.
Leslie loves meeting his online students in person - he'd love to have you attend! Please contact the hosting studio directly to enroll.

As far as assisting: Leslie's teaching doesn't require assistants, with the exception of his partner Lydia who travels with him to all workshops and conferences. 

However, it's always nice to see a friendly face and to connect with online friends in the real world. He also welcomes you to share when participants are asked about their experiences. Since the material won't be brand new to you, you'll have a unique perspective to bring to the conversation.

Leslie loves supporting his students! Here is his policy on specific promotion:

(1) At live events, Leslie does not promote or endorse specific individuals, schools, teacher trainings, etc. The reason for that policy is two-fold:

  • In many cities, Leslie has multiple students, and never wants to favor one student over another in their local market.
  • In many cases, Leslie doesn't have enough experience with his graduates as teachers, even though he may be familiar with their work as students. Accordingly, he does not endorse anyone unless he's had an ongoing personal relationship with them in a capacity where he's seen their teaching over many years.

(2) Online, we are always looking for new ways to shine light on the amazing work our students and grads are doing. If you have something you'd like to share with us, and you're okay with us sharing it online, let us know! This can be articles,  stories, videos, blog posts... whatever you create and we have permission to share. Please share with us here.

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