Viparita Salabhasana


Inverted Locust Pose

viparita = reversed, inverted

salabha = grasshopper, locust


What it takes to move into this pose is almost completely the opposite of what it takes to remain in it. Lifting the weight of the body into spinal extension requires a strong, integrated action of the arms and spinal extensors. Once past vertical, gravity pulls the weight of the body into extension, so the trunk flexors must engage to prevent hyperextension. Based on their balance of strength and flexibility in the extensor and flexor muscle groups, some people may have the ability to get into full locust, but not to sustain it, whereas others can’t get there themselves but can stay there if assisted into the pose.

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Images from the book Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews
displayed on this website are used under license.


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